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  • Coyotes can be located and are often called in with just a howler.  With some practice the user can make yips, locating howls or aggressive territorial howls. Made from genuine elk or deer antler in our shop. Like all of Rimrock calls this one is made to our high standards. The call pictured is the one you will receive. The call is sealed to withstand the elements and comes with a leather lanyard. 

    Coyote Howler

    SKU: 304
    • Howlers can be one of the tougher calls to master, so plan on practice!

      Hold the call between your fingers and thumb just beyond the mouthpiece. Bite down gently midway on the reed. To howl, huff from deep in your chest in a series of huff, huff, huufff. Barks are just that, short quick bursts of air. Do you best to mimic the cadence of a real coyote.  Not everyone bites/blows a howler the same. Try different placement and pressure on the reed to see what works for you.

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