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  • One of a kind cow elk call made from genuine elk antler. All Rimrock calls are handmade one at a time. Our elk calls are no exception. This call will mimic cow elk, making sounds from mews to estrus bleats to lure in both bulls and cows. Sealed to withstand the elements it comes with a leather lanyard. 

    Elk Call

    SKU: 134
    • Wrap your thumb and index finger around the call near the bell end griping the call firmly. Bite down on the mouth piece and blow in with steady air pressure. As you blow air though the call let up on the pressure from your teeth on the mouthpiece. Use shorter bursts of air to make locater mews, longer bursts for estrus calls.  The fingers not gripping the call can help change sound intensity by opening and closing them around the open end of the call. With practice and by varying where you place your teeth and how hard you bite you can make a wide varity of elk sounds.

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