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  • Rimrock Calls makes each of their calls one at a time, and our Owl Hooters are no different. Made from genuine mule deer antler the call is hand tuned to mimic the call or "hoot" of an owl. This sound is very useful for locating wild turkeys in the spring as the toms will often gobble in response to an owl hooting nearby. No serious turkey hunter should be without an owl hooter. Sealed to withstand the elements the call comes with a leather lanyard.

    Owl Hooter Turkey Call

    SKU: 171
    • Owl hooter calls a take lot of air to make them sound right! So deep breaths before you blow!

      First grip the call with your finger and thumb near the bell end, wrap your other hand and fingers around the one gripping the call in a cupped fashion. Now take that deep breath and push it though the call in quick bursts saying"hoot, hoot, hoooot". 

      Owl hooters can be the hardest mouth call to master, but are very effective in locating turkeys in the spring.

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