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  • Always have a call with you with our Pocket Predator Call. Made to the same high standards as our full size predator calls this one fits neatly in your pocket.  A working piece of art it is voiced in young jackrabbit it is sure to bring in coyotes, bobcats, foxes and other meat eaters. Made from genuine elk or deer antler and sealed to withstand the elements.

    Pocket Predator Call

    SKU: 251
    • Wrap the call between your index finger and thumb as if making an "OK" sign gripping it half-way from the end.  Loosly hold the rest of the call with your remaining fingers. Blow though the call in short, deep bursts to to get a "Wa, Wa, Wa" sound, vary this by drawing out your breath to make "Waaa, Waaaa, Waaaa".  You can change the pitch and sound coming from the call by opening and closing your fingers and by the intensity that you blow. Due to unique nature of antler, each one of the calls Rimrock makes will sound slighly different, adding to thier realism and effectiveness.

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