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  • One of a kind turkey slate pot call made from Utah Juniper. Utah Junipers are only found in the southwest US. They are a slow growing tree that produces a dense, hard wood.  Paired with Vermont grey slate this friction call produces the high, raspy sounds that are so good for bringing in those toms. Both striker and call are made from a single piece of Utah Juniper. They are hand turned and hand tuned. Call measures 3 1/2"-3 3/4" inches across. Strikers are approximately 8" long. Other than the call used in the video, the call pictured is the call you will receive. Beautiful craftsmanship that you won't be afraid to use.

    Slate Turkey Call

    SKU: 509
    • Several turkey sounds can be made on a slate call.  Below are the most common you will need.

      YELP--Scribe a football shaped pattern about the size of a dime on the striking surface, using the tip of the stiker

      PURR--Applying moderate pressure on the striker, slowly drag the striker toward yourself.  The striker should skip and drag lightly across the surface of the slate

      CLUCK--Apply extra pressure to the striker with an index finger; push down and pull the striker toward yourself. It should jump sharply, but not leave the slate surface.

      CUTT--Use the cluck stroke, but continue slightly longer and repeat rapidly 6-8 times.

      As with all calls, practice will improve your skills. Holding the pot differently and stiker differently will produce different results, as will how much pressure you apply with the striker.

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