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  • Easy to set, non-lethal, cage trap made for weasels and other small animals such as spotted skunks, squirrels, rats and the like. Measuring 16"x8"x12" and designed with a pull type, spring loaded trigger, this trap can only be sprung when the animal is actively pulling on the bait. This allows the trap to be set at any angle while also preventing false trips.  The housing and top seal is weather resistant which protects all of the working mechanisms and the contained animal from snow, rain or other animals. A very user-friendly trap that is lightweight, easy to carry and easy to use. Perfect for getting kids interested in the outdoors and reducing nuisance animal populations.
    Weasels and skunks can be lured with hotdogs or other raw meats chunks that are skewered onto the trigger.  Squirrels can be caught with corn on the cob or carrots.

    Weasel/Squirrel Live Box Trap

    • To set the Rimrock weasel/squirrel trap open the latching lid and retaining mesh wire top (grasp wire with one hand and trap box with the other.  the hand on the wire pulls back and up to free the wire top from the trap housing) 

      Once trap is open, bait your trap with food of choice by spearing the bait on the trigger. Caution! Bait piece should not be so big as to touch the back of the trap!  In very low temperatures, a large, damp bait may freeze to the back of the trap preventing it from going off.

       Now, squeeze both rods located on the side of the box with one hand (the door should slide up and open), use your free hand to slide the trigger rod into the hole located in the door. 

      Your trap is now set! Replace the wire retaining mesh and lock the top door. 

      Set trap in a location where you have seen the activity of the animal you are wishing to catch.

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